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T-shirts (crew neck)

T-shirts (scoopneck)

026E  Basic Threads ribbed short sleeve crew 1115E Back to the Island scoopneck
1418E Back to the Island crew 1114E Spring Break scoopneckOn sale
1417E Spring Break crewOn sale 1112E Still Fired Up scoopneckOn sale
1414E Still Fired Up crewOn sale 1109E A World of Good scoopneckOn sale
1363E Wildflowers (1995) long-sleeve crewOn sale 1108E Still Hooked on Dancin' scoopneckOn sale
1410E A World of Good crewOn sale 1107E Barefootin' scoopneckOn sale
1409E Still Hooked on Dancin' crewOn sale 1106E Love Is a Wonderful Thing scoopneckOn sale
1408E Barefootin' crewOn sale 1105E I Got the Music in Me scoopneckOn sale
1406E Love Is a Wonderful Thing crewOn sale 1104E Still Lookin' Good scoopneckOn sale
1407E Love Is a Wonderful Thing sleevelessOn sale 1103E Here Comes the Sun scoopOn sale
1404E I Got the Music in Me crewOn sale 1102E Rock & Roll Party scoopneck
1405E I Got the Music in Me long sleeveOn sale 1101E Let Freedom Ring scoopOn sale
1402E Still Lookin' Good crew - DanceOn sale 1100E Reach for the Stars scoopOn sale
2845E Still Lookin' Good crewOn sale 1099E Sweet Summer scoopneckOn sale
1403E Still Lookin' Good sleeveless DanceOn sale 1098E Spring Fling scoopneckOn sale
2846E Still Lookin' Good sleevelessOn sale 1097E Dance Party scoopneckOn sale
1401E Here Comes the Sun crewOn sale 1096E Center Stage Dance scoopOn sale
1400E Rock & Roll Party at Jacki's crewOn sale 1095E Summer 2000 Dance scoopneckOn sale
1398E Let Freedom Ring crewOn sale 1094E Rhythm Divine Dance scoopneckOn sale
1399E Let Freedom Ring sleevelessOn sale 1092E Millennium Dance scoopneckOn sale
1396E Reach for the Stars crewOn sale 1090E Hot Ticket scoopneckOn sale
1397E Reach for Stars long sleeveOn sale 1089E Jump Swing Rock scoopneckOn sale
1394E Sweet Summer crewOn sale
1392E Spring Fling crewOn sale


1393E Spring Fling sleeveless crewOn sale 1031E LAT ladies' French terry V-neck
1390E Dance Party crewOn sale 1612E Back to the Island V-neck
1391E Dance Party long sleeve crewOn sale 1608E Spring Break V-neckOn sale
1389E Center Stage Dance crewOn sale 1411E A World of Good V-neckOn sale
1388E Summer 2000 Dance crewOn sale 1588E Barefootin' sleeveless V-neckOn sale
2853E Summer 2000 Workout crewOn sale 1395E Sweet Summer V-neckOn sale
1836E Summer 2000 Step crewOn sale
1384E Summer Breeze crewOn sale Camisoles
1387E Rhythm Divine Dance crewOn sale 1026E Bella camisole
2855E Rhythm Divine Workout crewOn sale
1839E Rhythm Divine Step crewOn sale Crop Tops
1385E Millennium Dance crewOn sale 1613E Back to the Island crop tank
2871E Millennium Workout crewOn sale 1580E Still Lookin' Good crop tankOn sale
1847E Millennium Step crewOn sale 1567E Spring Fling crop tankOn sale
1382E Hot Ticket crewOn sale 1562E Center Stage Dance crop tankOn sale
1383E Hot Ticket sleeveless crewOn sale
1381E Jump Swing Rock crewOn sale Tank Tops (women's)
030E  Basic Threads ribbed scallop tank
Sweatshirts 1611E Back to the Island women's tank
260E  Basic Threads sweatshirt 1607E Spring Break women's tankOn sale
233E  Basic Threads man's shirt 1609E Spring Break fitted tankOn sale
4522E Back to the Island sweatshirt 1601E Still Fired Up tankOn sale
4521E Spring Break sweatshirtOn sale 1511E Wildflowers (1995) white tankOn sale
4519E Still Fired Up sweatshirtOn sale 1511E Wildflowers (1995) fuchsia tankOn sale
4517E A World of Good sweatshirtOn sale 1593E A World of Good tankOn sale
4516E Still Hooked on Dancin' sweatshirtOn sale 1590E Still Hooked on Dancin' tankOn sale
4515E Love Is a Wonderful Thing sweatshirtOn sale 1591E Still Hooked on Dancin' fitted tankOn sale
4512E Rock & Roll Party sweatshirtOn sale 1584E Love Is a Wonderful Thing tankOn sale
4122E 3 flower embroidery sweatshirt 1582E I Got the Music in Me tankOn sale
4509E Reach for the Stars sweatshirtOn sale 1579E Still Lookin' Good tank - DanceOn sale
4507E Dance Party sweatshirtOn sale 2848E Still Lookin' Good tankOn sale
4506E Center Stage Dance sweatshirtOn sale 1577E Here Comes the Sun tankOn sale
4408E Jerzees heavyweight sweatshirt 4121E 3 flower embroidery tank
4505E Rhythm Divine Dance sweatshirtOn sale 1573E Let Freedom Ring tankOn sale
4503E Millennium Dance sweatshirtOn sale 1571E Reach for the Stars tankOn sale
4502E Hot Ticket sweatshirtOn sale 1569E Sweet Summer tankOn sale
4501E Jump Swing Rock sweatshirtOn sale 1566E Spring Fling tankOn sale
1564E Dance Party  tankOn sale

Bra Tops

1561E Center Stage Dance tankOn sale
4097E T-back bra top  1559E Summer 2000 Dance tankOn sale
1838E Summer 2000 StrongStep tankOn sale


1555E Rhythm Divine Dance tankOn sale
4007E Basic Moves camisole leotard 1550E Millennium Dance tankOn sale
4100E Basic Moves tank leotard 2873E Millennium Workout tankOn sale
4002E Basic Moves short sleeve leotard 1848E Millennium Step tankOn sale
4008E Basic Moves long sleeve leotard 1546E Hot Ticket tankOn sale
4000E Back to the Island leotard 1544E Jump Swing Rock tankOn sale
4000E Spring Break leotardOn sale
4000E Still Fired Up leotardOn sale Tank Tops (men's)
4000E Wildflowers 2004 leotardOn sale 1610E Back to the Island men's tank
4000E A World of Good leotardOn sale 1606E Spring Break men's tankOn sale
4000E Still Hooked on Dancin' leotardOn sale 1600E Still Fired Up tankOn sale
4000E Barefootin' leotardOn sale 1597E Break Away tankOn sale
4000E Love Is a Wonderful Thing leotardOn sale 1594E Wildflowers 2004 tankOn sale
4000E I Got the Music in Me leotardOn sale 1511E Wildflowers (1995) tankOn sale
4000E Still Lookin' Good leotard - DanceOn sale 1592E A World of Good tankOn sale
2850E Still Lookin' Good leotardOn sale 1589E Still Hooked on Dancin' tankOn sale
4000E Here Comes the Sun leotardOn sale 1586E Barefootin' tankOn sale
4000E Rock & Roll Party leotardOn sale 1583E Love Is a Wonderful Thing tankOn sale
4001E Let Freedom Ring leotardOn sale 1581E I Got the Music in Me tankOn sale
4000E Reach for the Stars leotardOn sale 1578E Still Lookin' Good tank - DanceOn sale
4000E Sweet Summer leotardOn sale 2847E Still Lookin' Good tankOn sale
4000E Spring Fling leotardOn sale 1576E Here Comes the Sun tankOn sale
4000E Dance Party  leotardOn sale 1574E Rock & Roll Party at Jacki's tankOn sale
4000E Rhythm Divine tank leotardOn sale 4120E 3 flower embroidery tank
4001E Rhythm Divine boatneck leotardOn sale 1572E Let Freedom Ring men's tankOn sale
4000E Millennium Dance leotardOn sale 1570E Reach for the Stars tankOn sale
2868E Millennium Workout leotardOn sale 1568E Sweet Summer tankOn sale
1845E Millennium Step leotardOn sale 1565E Spring Fling tankOn sale
4000E Hot Ticket leotardOn sale 1563E Dance Party  tankOn sale
4001E Jump Swing Rock leotardOn sale 1560E Center Stage Dance tankOn sale
1558E Summer 2000 Dance tankOn sale

Shoes (women's)

2854E Summer 2000 Workout tankOn sale
K1966ME Rykä Vida RZX training shoes 1837E Summer 2000 StrongStep tankOn sale
D4474ME Rykä Influence 2 training shoes 1554E Rhythm Divine Dance tankOn sale
D1985FE Rykä Grafik training shoes 2856E Rhythm Divine Workout tankOn sale
D1978ME Rykä Dynamic 2 training shoes 1840E Rhythm Divine StrongStep tankOn sale
C0854M3 Rykä Hydro Sport 2 water shoes 1549E Millennium Dance tankOn sale
D1977SE Rykä Devotion Plus training shoes 2872E Millennium Workout tankOn sale
K24131WE Rykä Devotion high-impact studio shoes 1849E Millennium Step tankOn sale
K21093WE Rykä Crusade running shoes 1545E Hot Ticket tankOn sale
C7995ME Rykä Ultimate running shoes 1543E Jump Swing Rock tankOn sale
K21094WE Rykä Encore running shoes
D2006LE Rykä Kora running shoes

Jackets & Vests

K21087WE Rykä Avert running shoes 4319E Fleece full zip fitted jacket
C7551FE Rykä Illusion 2 running shoes 4320E Fleece full zip fitted vest
C8210ME Rykä Prodigy 2 Stretch Heather running shoes
K21099WE Rykä Prodigy 2 running shoes


C7547ME Rykä Prodigy 2 Stretch running shoes 6010E The DanceSocks!
C8026ME Rykä Fanatic Plus running shoes 4321E Fleece beanie
D1993ME Rykä Revenant walking shoes 4322E Fleece scarf
D1979FE Rykä Feather Pace walking shoes 0109E Red visor with dancing figureOn sale
D1977SE Rykä Devotion Plus walking shoes 6038E Sweet Summer apronOn sale
C7997ME Rykä Skywalk walking shoes 6030E Sweet Summer canvas bagOn sale
C7545LE Rykä Cloud Walk walking shoes 4433E Slouch socks
C8012ME Rykä Dash Stretch walking shoes 4437E Basic Threads slouch socks
K24109WE Rykä Radiant walking shoes 4436E Basic Threads short slouch socks
K24150WE Rykä Radiant Plus walking shoes 4427E Danskin ultra shimmery full footed tights
K24147WE Rykä Sport Walker 6 walking shoes 4444E Headband
K1221WE Rykä Hydro Sport hybrid water shoes 6022E Jacki Sorensen's Fitness Classes water bottle (28 oz.)
0119E Jacki Sorensen's Fitness Classes exercise towel


204E  Basic Threads fleece vented pants


243E  Basic Threads fleece pocket pants 4464E Danskin supplex caprisOn sale
202E  Basic Threads fleece basic sweatpants 4453E Basic Moves fitted calf tights
212E  Basic Threads fleece crop baggy pants 4459E Bella fitted capri leggings
1503E Basic Threads rayon stretch crop pants 4461E Bella fitted full length leggings
142E  Basic Threads rib stretch slim leg pants 4457E Basic Moves long bootleg capri tights
182E  Basic Threads rib stretch boot cut pants 4458E Basic Moves fitted capri tights
4406E Jerzees  sweatpants 4466E America Is Making It bike tights
4407E Jerzees heavyweight sweatpants 4463E American Apparel full length tights
4473E America Is Making It full length tights


4427E Danskin ultra shimmery full footed tights
3393E Champion ladies' mesh shorts
3002E Bella fitness shorts


3008E Wildflowers (1995) shortsOn sale 4053E Basic Moves full length unitard


6007E 14k solid gold Aerobic Dancing figure charm

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